How clean does my apartment need to be?
When it’s time for you to move-out, please let us know if you will do a thorough cleaning yourself or if you prefer to have us schedule our cleaning people and bill you for the cost. Any move-in fee you paid does not cover cleaning and you are responsible for paying for cleaning separately, if you don't wish to do it yourself.

While the cost for cleaning can vary, in most cases it will be $150 for a one bedroom, $175 for a two bedroom and $200 for a three bedroom.

If a new tenant moves in and complains about the apartment being left dirty, we will verify their complaint and document it. If there is time, we will give you the opportunity to come back and clean what was missed but if there is no time left before the new tenants need to move in, then we must charge you for cleaning.

If you think your apartment was not clean enough when you moved in, and believe that you should therefore not have to clean it, please understand that we rely on tenants to alert us of problems at move in so that we can send cleaners and charge the previous tenant. This procecure is clearly spelled out in the Move-In FAQ that is part of your lease. If you failed to notify us, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do. You are still responsible for leaving the apartment clean.

Sometimes our tenants say they will clean thoroughly and at the last minute, realize they are too busy moving and/or getting settled into their new place so please think about this possible scenario and try to let us know as soon as possible if we need to schedule our cleaning people. You are also free to hire your own cleaners. If we are handling cleaning, it is often helpful if you try to be out sooner so we have time to clean before the new tenants need to move in so please communicate your plans with us. Generally, we need at least 2 or 3 hours to clean so try to plan on being fully moved out by 9am or 10am on your move day whenever possible.

Keep in mind that we are very forgiving of paint issues/holes and other minor damage to apartments. We don't often charge for these things but cleaning is very important. Broken blinds are also a very common charge that you may see but the fee for this is very reasonable. If you do have large holes in your walls, it will help us if you fill them a bit so that we can sand and do a final filing wihtout having to wait for the first one to dry. Smaller holes can be left as is.

We understand that cleaning is somewhat subjective.

We have prepared some example photos below that will help you know how clean your apartment should be left.

  Dirty Clean
  Click on each photo for cleaning reccomendations
Stove Top
Shower Base & Glass

Window Sills